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Black and white village trail

North Herefordshire's Black and White Villages are an absolute delight. The timber-framed architecture is brimming with character and the villages peppered with cosy pubs and tea rooms, art galleries and village shops. Make time for riverside picnics, country walks and meandering bike rides. 

This is cider country so a springtime visit will be accompanied by clouds of apple blossom whilst autumn brings the harvest - the perfect time to visit our cider makers and watch cider being made.

Picture credit: Mick Powell aka panman


Circular walk.jpg
Weobley circular walk - 3 miles/4.8km

In medieval times Weobley, pronouced 'weblee,' was known as a flourishing market town whose wealth came from wool, known locally as Leominster Ore. It was also known for its ale, glove and nail making. Weobley’s fortunes waxed and waned over the years and with no railway or canal connections, the industrial revolution passed Weobley by which led to great poverty. However, it left a legacy of beautiful timber framed houses, many of which still stand and today Weobley is at the heart of a thriving agricultural industry.

The Weobley Heritage Trail will take you on a passage through time, exploring how medieval traders sold their wares through unglazed windows onto the street and point out what architectural features to look for in the many building styles found throughout the village. The Trail follows plaques placed at points of interest that explain about the building structure and what would have happened there in times past. Not only is the trail free, but you will find out where the term “hitting the sack” came from and what an “under dog” really is.

You will see where King Charles I stayed after he releaved Hereford from Cromwell's troops during the Civil War and the impressive memorial dedicated to Col. John Birch who later re-took Hereford that same year for Cromwell using a small party of men cleverly disguised as ice breakers as they crossed the frozen River Wye.

Picture credit:  Mick Powell aka panman

Green Orchard


For nearly forty years Dunkertons have been making premium organic cider and perry crafted in artisan spirit and vision. Using distinctive flavoured cider apples and perry pears they hand blend the juices using skills and techniques lost over time to the advances and pressures of mass production.  

Cidery Tours and Events


Image by Jonny Gios
What's on in Herefordshire


For a small county, Herefordshire is surprisingly big on festivals and events. From international heavyweights, like Hay and Ledbury Poetry Festival to eclectic events in stunning settings.

Music festivals cater for all tastes from folk to electronica, whilst our county-wide celebration of contemporary art will take you on a tour of local studios.

Explore all corners of our county at one of our walking festivals, sample the best Herefordshire produce at our buzzing food and cider festivals, or experience the traditional delights of a country show.

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